Solar LED security light

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KSh10,000 KSh8,000

60 watts solar floodlight.
Complete with solar panel, inbuilt battery, LED light, interconnecting wires and with remote.
Goes on at 6.30pm and goes off at 6.30pm automatically.
Easy to install, no wiring needed, JUST PLUG $ PLAY.
20-30 Working hours per single charge.
12-15 years lifespan. No electricity bills.
Waterproof ( No worries if it rains)
One year warranty


While these attractive 8” diameter globe lights are suitable for almost any application, they are especially ideal for safety and security illumination in areas where power is either inaccessible or expensive.

A gimbal-mounted 24” x 16” 40W solar panel, adjustable for maximum sun exposure, charges a 100WH lithium battery during daylight hours. At dusk, the battery supplies power to the light source, which provides 1800 lumens of cold white light (5000K) from an array of high quality Bridgelux LEDs. To conserve battery power, a built-in motion sensor allows the unit to be switched to a lower brightness setting during periods of low pedestrian activity and back to full brightness when movement is detected within approximately 30 feet. A small, hand-held remote allows switching the unit into any of 6 different modes that allow you to control time, brightness, and motion activation.

The recommended installation height for these durable, aluminum-alloy, IP65 rated fixtures is 3-6 meters.

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