All-in-one Solar Street Light 30 watts

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KSh6,000 KSh4,800

30 watts solar light with motion sensor.
When anyone passes by, it will be 100% brightness.
When it does not detect motion, it will be 30% brightness.
Full charge time: About 6-8 hours under direct sunshine
Discharge time on a full charge: 20-24 hours
◪ Very easy to install,
◪ Provide bright and wide beam distribution light for general purpose flood night lighting.
◪ Energy-saving and Eco-friendly, no any pollution to environment.
◪ High efficiency, low light decay.


All-in-one design and charged by solar, so the lighting kits are completely wireless and easy to be mounted.Can be installed on wall, fence, pole, gate, etc. to light up your garden, hallway, flowerbeds, pillar, deck, yard, patio, or driveway and any other places

Warranty 3 years.
Charging time: 6-8 hours.
Discharging time: 20-24 hours per charge.
Install height: 3-5m.
Battery type: LiFePO4 3.2v 12AH.
Material: ABS

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